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Beijing graphene news, adhering to the concept of integrating high-quality resources, caring about user needs, and serving the people's livelihood, through the website, mobile and social media, helps the majority of users to obtain professional media information and user generated multimedia content (UGC) through computers and mobile devices, and shares interests with users from all walks of life

Beijing graphene news said, \ 人报融媒


Beijing graphene news: at the beginning of the first decade, the world media summit will return to its birthplace, Beijing. It is in response to the most urgent call of this era to further play the role of the platform of the world media summit and continuously deepen the exchanges and cooperation among media institutions of various countries“

The popularity of the Internet has broken the professional threshold of information dissemination. \

Beijing graphene news, the construction of modern social governance capacity, is inseparable from the news communication subsystem, especially the construction of all media communication system. Under the new situation, we should accurately grasp the development trend of media convergence, be good at using the development of media convergence to promote the specialization, informatization and intellectualization of social governance. To promote the specialization of social governance with the development of media convergence. In a sense, the Internet has become an infrastructure of today's society. The social function of the all media communication system based on the Internet has been expanding correspondingly, from information communication tools to a basic platform for social development and governance. We should be good at making use of the achievements of media convergence to promote the specialization of social governance. For example, data has become an important basis and resource for strengthening and innovating social governance, and \

Secondly, we should enhance the media + N and strengthen the governance ability. We should deepen the supply side reform of new mainstream media content, guide and serve the masses, enrich and improve the work of news and public opinion, and constantly improve the national governance ability. 人报融媒

Beijing graphene news, \