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Foshan household graphene wall warm mural

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Foshan household graphene wall warm mural, meibokangwarm Technology (Beijing) Co., Ltd. [1979vn], Beijing meibokangwarm Technology (Beijing) Co., Ltd., established in 2008, is a technology-based enterprise integrating graphene electric heating and solar photovoltaic power generation

why is graphene electric heating film recommended for floor heating in the south? The traditional heating pipe network and terminal use many auxiliary materials, such as steel, copper and other metals, plastics and other materials. The graphene electric heating film heating system can save 10kg of pipe and 10kg of steel pipe per square meter

For example, the common thermal insulation performance of our room, the indoor temperature difference, the indoor heating area and so on. So we can't say whether electric floor heating can be serious. Compared with traditional heating equipment, graphene floor heating not only reduces the dust flow in the air, but also reduces the diffusion of harmful bacteria in the air, so the indoor air remains fresh. Electric floor heating is a new type of floor heating, which warms the whole room by means of low-temperature radiation heating. 佛山家用石墨烯墙暖壁画_美博康暖科技(北京)有限

After adjusting the charge state of graphene and nano oxide surface, nano alumina can be loaded onto the surface of graphene oxide through electrostatic adsorption. With the help of cysteine, molybdenum sulfide can be loaded on the surface of graphene. Alumina can be loaded on the surface of graphene by hydrothermal method. The modification of succinic anhydride can increase the content of carboxyl group on the surface of graphene oxide, which is conducive to the subsequent graft modification of graphene. The compatibility of graphene with epoxy resin or polyurethane resin was improved after modification with aniline or polyisocyanate. 2 functional integration of graphene and its application in organic anti-corrosion coatings in addition to the barrier effect of graphene dispersion, the functional integration of graphene with other corrosion-resistant materials is also an important research direction. The corrosion inhibition modification of graphene and graphene oxide is a way to functionalize graphene and improve its corrosion resistance

Since the birth of graphene, the application of graphene has become an urgent problem to be solved in the world; In 2009, Professor Feng Guanping introduced graphene technology to China for the first time; And graphene industry core technology: pure graphene heating film. It opens up the way for graphene from laboratory to product application. It is in the process of rapid development and has achieved breakthrough results. If the application is at the forefront of the world, China's graphene industry can lead the world. Excellent physical properties such as good stability. According to the test of news and information electron microscope, the shielding performance of enwang graphene modified coating is better than that of epoxy zinc rich primer. Relying on the principle of \ 佛山家用石墨烯墙暖壁画_美博康暖科技(北京)有限

The functional modification of graphene by polyaniline nanofibers (PANI) can also promote the dispersion of graphene in epoxy resin. Hayatgheib et al. Modified graphene oxide with polyaniline nanofibers and prepared graphene oxide polyaniline / epoxy organic anti-corrosion coating. The results show that polyaniline nanofibers deposited on graphene oxide can effectively improve the compatibility between graphene oxide and epoxy resin, and improve its thermal stability, barrier and protective properties

Then he introduced the synergistic effect of graphene in agriculture, aquaculture and other production, as well as the existing research results. 1、