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2018 global graphene blockchain Developers Conference

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in the near future, the popularity of blockchain is still unabated. The rapid development of blockchain technology will bring changes and opportunities to many industries. The high performance and scalability of graphene, the underlying technology of blockchain, can make the application of blockchain in more industries possible. However, the shortage of talents in related industries has become an important factor restricting the development of the industry, and many developers begin to pay attention to related technologies, We hope to seize the opportunity in the boom of blockchain

What is graphene? Graphene, graphene, is the underlying technology architecture of blockchain created by EOS founder Daniel Larimer and led by the development team. Based on this architecture, Daniel has developed bitshares, steem, EOS and other far-reaching projects. The famous blockchain projects developed based on this architecture include EUROLINK, crypviser, dascoin, deex, gongxinbao, yoyoyoow, peerplay, Cybex, decent, Muse, ark, scout, etc, Karma, payger, echo, seer, etc

in order to strengthen the exchange and cooperation of graphene blockchain technology, establish a graphene developer community, and inject more strength into the graphene ecology, the 2018 global graphene blockchain developer conference is here, and the world's top graphene technology celebrities gather together to talk about the infinite possibilities of graphene technology

now we sincerely invite graphene technology developers, blockchain developers, blockchain related practitioners, blockchain technology lovers and blockchain related investors from all over the world to share this technology feast

highlights of the conference

[closed door meeting]% 26nbsp; The conference provides you with the opportunity to exchange face-to-face with the world's top graphene technology giants, discuss the changes that graphene technology will bring, walk in the forefront of the industry, discuss and learn the most cutting-edge technology

[characteristic round table] BTS has gone up and down, and BTS has become the focus of attention in the circle, The conference invited more than a dozen industry celebrities to conduct a fierce debate on the future trend of bitstocks

[EOS special session] the conference's EOS special session included Oracle chain's EOS node election road / understanding and sharing of EOS performance / why EOS, why US /'s thinking and Practice on EOS ecology / EOS super community node road and round table forum, Let everyone know the EOS ecology {{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{}