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value added telecom business license: Zhejiang b2-20080224 | value added telecom business license (cross regional): b2-20150210 | zhejiangwen (2019) No. 1033-086 | Zhejiang Online food sales third party platform provider record: zhejiangshi a33010001

Internet drug information service qualification certificate (Zhejiang) - operational-2018-0010 | short message service access code certificate: No. [2016] 00154-a01 | information network transmission audio-visual license: No. 1109364 | publication network trading platform service operation record No.: xinqichu ZBZ No. 002

Zhegong Anbei no.33010002000078 |Radio and television program production and operation license (ZhZ) No. 01012 | market name registration certificate:

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