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The structure of

graphene is an atomic scale honeycomb lattice composed of carbon atoms

graphene may be one of the most useful materials in the world. Although it's only as thick as a carbon atom, it's many times stronger than steel, and it's very flexible

Since the first separation of graphene in 2004, the patent list of graphene has been growing exponentially every year. It is estimated that before long, this kind of super material will trigger a technological revolution that may really change the world

we summarize some significant graphene inventions in the near future

1. obtaining fuel in the air

Andre Haim of Manchester University and his colleagues won the Nobel prize for the separation of graphene. Their research shows that graphene can be used to make mobile generators powered by hydrogen extracted from the air. Geim's team found that although graphene is impermeable to even the smallest atoms, it can be used to screen for hydrogen atoms with stripped electrons

The schematic diagram of

graphene proton conducting membrane

means that graphene membrane can be used to greatly improve the efficiency of proton conducting membrane, and proton conducting membrane is an important part of fuel cell technology. Scientists envision that cars in the future can be powered by only a tiny amount of hydrogen in the ambient air. \