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Ph.D. refers to the Ph.D. degree, and now generally refers to the academic research-oriented Ph.D., which comes from the Latin philosophical doctor. The so-called doctor of philosophy means that the owner has a considerable understanding of the theory, content and development of his knowledge category, can conduct independent research, and has made contributions to the academic community in this category. Therefore, a Ph.D. can be awarded to a Ph.D. graduate in almost any subject


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1. Master of Business Administration (MBA) is a master's degree in business administration. MBA is to cultivate practical, compound and applied high-level management talents who are competent for the high-level management work of industrial and commercial enterprises and economic management departments

A master's degree is a master's degree between a bachelor's degree and a doctor's degree. A master's degree usually symbolizes basic independent thinking ability. There are two main types of master's courses, one is the course type and the other is the research type

3. Bachelor's degree (English: Bachelor's degree) is the name of the degree awarded in the undergraduate stage of higher education. In China's degree structure, it is a basic degree, which is granted by institutions of higher learning authorized by the State Council. The degree conferring unit shall confer the degree in accordance with the degree conferring conditions of the unit and the relevant provisions of the regulations of the people's Republic of China on academic degrees

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