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The role of graphene

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graphene exists in nature, but it is difficult to peel off a single layer structure. Graphene is graphite when it is stacked one layer at a time. About 3 million layers of graphene are contained in 1 mm thick graphite;, Graphene has good properties in many aspects and is widely used in some high-tech fields

First of all, graphene has good mechanical properties, which is one of the highest strength materials known. At the same time, it also has good toughness and can be bent. The reduced graphene modified by hydrogen plasma also has very good strength. It can be oxidized to get functional graphene, and then made into graphite paper from functional graphene, which will be very strong and tough

Secondly, graphene has good electronic effect. The carrier mobility of graphene is about 15000 cm2 / (V · s) at room temperature, which is 10 times higher than that of silicon, and more than twice as high as that of InSb. Moreover, the carrier mobility of graphene is less affected by temperature

Thirdly, graphene has good thermal properties and excellent thermal conductivity. The thermal conductivity of pure defect free graphene is as high as 5300w / MK, which is higher than that of single-walled carbon nanotubes (3500W / MK) and multi walled carbon nanotubes (3000W / MK); In addition, the ballistic thermal conductivity of graphene can make the lower limit of ballistic thermal conductivity of carbon nanotubes move down

(0} fourth, graphene has good optical properties, the absorption rate is about 2.3% in a wide wavelength range, and it looks almost transparent. Large area graphene film also has excellent optical properties, and its optical properties change with the thickness of graphene. If the magnetic field is applied, the optical response of graphene nanobelts can be tuned to terahertz range

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